The Journey To Become
A Multiplanetary Species

InpulseX is an ambitious project created to offer unwavering support to the biggest mission of humankind, which is to become a multiplanetary species.

The InpulseX ecosystem is taking the lead within the blockchain community, bringing awareness and raising financial resources to help write this exciting new chapter.

Together we will make history!

The Beginning

Elon Musk is helping humanity evolve, expand knowledge and create new out-of-this-world technologies. Since his arrival on the blue planet, Musk has developed and delivered countless projects that have improved our lives in many ways. However, he has now decided that it is time to explore and colonize other planets. He built a whole new interplanetary transport system to navigate humanity across the galaxy.

This epic journey is not without challenges, and we want to show our appreciation for all the benefits he has provided for humankind by supporting his dream and mission. Let’s unite and show some love as he embarks on his interplanetary journey towards Mars.

Join the space revolution, support this ambitious cause and be part of history.

Utilities For $IPX Tokens

Simply by hodling, you earn rewards in a stable coin.

Play-to-Earn Game
$IPX token will be used as in-game currency for our play-to-earn NFT game, to be released in 2023.

Collectable and in-game NFTs
Super-exciting Airdrops! The most loyal holders will earn a chance to receive rare in-game playable NFTs & collectables.

The governance token holders can influence decisions by exercising their voting rights to shape the platform.

About InpulseX

A Token Linked to the Interplanetary Journey

From the total supply of $IPX tokens, 28% will be allocated to the greatest mission of humankind – The Mars Mission.
InpulseX shall offer financial support to SpaceX based on a progressive schedule triggered by the milestones associated with its market cap.


For each purchase, sale, or transfer involving $IPX token, a fee of 10% will be applied. See the full breakdown below:

Rewards Distribution
For each transaction, 4% will be distributed as rewards to token holders.

The smart contract automatically sends 3% of each transaction to the locked liquidity pool.

Game Development
2% will be allocated to support the game development and its marketing activities.

The remaining 1% will be used as a buyback feature to be exercised in the future to improve the project further.

More Than Just a DEX, an Experience

An interplanetary DEX built for the PulseChain network.



The InpulseX Team


Founder & CEO

The Limitless Creative Mind

Jay, the founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in marketing, technology and international business management. He co-founded an app company in 2013 in London, where he worked for more than three years. He also founded a venture to build the first immersive dome Park in London with partners in USA and Russia; the business, unfortunately, suffered an unexpected impact due to the Pandemic putting on hold the whole entertainment industry across the globe. Since 2017, Jay has been running a multimillion-dollar crypto fund, specialising in early-stage projects.

His passion for crypto, art, technology and ultimately the mysteries of the universe was the catalyst that inspired him to found InpulseX.


Operations Director

The Black Belt Delivery Machine

Rod is the member behind the delivery together with Jay, bringing a background of over 23 years within the technology space, working for many large corporations worldwide, including EDS, HP, Accenture, Telefonica, Unilever, Virgin Active, Costa Coffee.

He is specialised in managing highly skilled teams and delivering complex, international mergers and acquisitions projects and is an expert on decomposing the “big picture” down to the level where delivery happens effectively and efficiently.

Besides being a complete nerdy crypto fanatic, Rod runs a crypto investment fund in the UK. He is specialised in algo and leverage trading.


Business Development Director

The Deal Maker Guru

Freddie has worked in the luxury market for over 17 years; he has built one of the largest private jet companies in Europe.

His sales skills and ability to close businesses have driven him to build an extensive network with some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, to the point, that the majority sees Freddie as a close friend.

Freddie is a crucial player in InpulseX Core Team. He is ready to bring his best contacts such as crypto entrepreneurs, elite investors and celebrities to support the project and the Mars Mission.

Despite his age, Freddie is an OG, being an early adopter of crypto since 2010; throughout these years, he gained a piece of incredible knowledge about crypto in general.


Marketing Director

The Marketing and Networking Wizard

Scott is a marketeer and a great leader with over 17 years of experience marketing, building and leading multi-disciplinary teams. He is well versed in growing and marketing his companies, specifically in the investment and aviation sector.

His knowledge spans complex client organisations, developing and leading high performing teams and specialising in accelerating change for institutions and organisations.


Creative Director

The Man Behind The Camera

Darryl’s understanding of rhythm, movement and on-screen chemistry has enabled him to develop a unique stylistic approach.

His professional filmmaking career has afforded him the experience of working in over 30 countries worldwide.

During this time, he has worked closely with a variety of models, actors, agencies, artists and companies on multiple campaigns. He has also worked with numerous brands such as Netflix, Virgin Media, Norwegian Cruise Line, Red Bull Studios, I-D magazine and VICE.

Darryl has recently written and directed an anthology of short films based in Los Angeles and is producing his feature film debut.

Darryl is excited and honoured to be joining the InpulseX team on this interplanetary journey.


NFT Artistic Director

The Eagle-Eye for Artistic Talent

Before devoting her creativity and experience to InpulseX NFT Collections, Anna worked in a very innovative area of experiential marketing, exploring and integrating high tech digital immersive and interactive experiences to live events, brand activations and corporate business. During this exciting time, she met many progressive and multi-talented artists. Some of them will be proudly represented by InpulseX in the nearest future.

Anna’s positive attitude and energy encourage everyone to work hard and succeed.


Graphic Design Manager

The Fast Hand Artist

Graduated in Graphic Design & Marketing, with 15 years experience, having worked with top agencies from several backgrounds across multiple countries in South America and Europe.

I remember being a kid watching Star Trek Dreaming travel to other planets and thinking how cool that would be so, beam me up InpulseX.


Legal Advisor

Borderless Financial Master

My primary goals are currently centered around sharing what I’ve learned in building companies and investing to help others grow their companies and their wealth predictably rather than by luck.
My professional life is grounded in international financial optimization, a field I refer to as residency arbitrage where we consult with businesses on how to gain greater financial efficiency, security, and flexibility by taking advantage of international differences in law, pricing, infrastructure, etc.


Main Developer

The Sorcerer

Kadix abilities when it comes down to coding and developing smart contracts are out of this world! It is an experienced certified Blockchain System and Solidity Developer. It has an excellent track record coding personalised smart contracts under the ERC20 and BEP20 standards, expert code debugger and a maestro when liquidating and publishing Tokens on ETH and BSC.


Strategic Advisor

The Oracle’s Voice

Shugy is an OG in the space, having blown most of his BTC travelling the globe in 2016-17. It has been and is currently involved in NFT marketplaces and various collections. Advocate for NFTs before they were even called NFTs and blockchain expert with current standing being advisory to governments.

Token Distribution

2.2.22 – 31.10.22

Pancakeswap listing ✅
1st Meme contest ✅
Digifinex listing
1st $IPX token airdrop ✅
1st NFT exposition Los Angeles ✅
1st Celebrity endorsement ✅
1st Partnership: Akkadia One ✅
Marketing Campaign ✅

1.11.22 – 31.7.23

2nd Celebrity endorsement ✅
2nd Partnership: Outer Ring ✅
Expand Marketing Campaign ✅
TheNFTX launch ✅
Game trailer release ✅
Xstronaut Membership Club
InpulseX Capital Group launch
TheGameX launch
1st NFT collection by Julius Horsthuis
Implementation of 2nd network
2nd Contract audit by CERTIK
2nd CEX listing

1.8.23 – 30.4.24

2nd NFT collection
2nd NFT exposition London
TheAcademiaX launch
NFT Marketplace launch
Starseed game release
Partnership with 3rd game token
Merchandise store
DEX launch (Name TBA)
Expand marketing Campaign


Strategic Partnerships